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Have you heard about this important measure?

Have you heard about this important Measure, which will be decided by mailed ballot in May through July, for local fire protection and emergency medical services?”  

Our Fire District is responsible for providing year-round fire protection and prevention as well as advanced Emergency Medical Services. The Fire District responds to service calls including emergency medical services, structure and vehicle fires, and brush and vegetation fires. 

Our Fire District covers 64 square miles serving the communities of Lockeford and Victor, as well as other portions of unincorporated northern San Joaquin County between the Mokelumne River and Live Oak Road. 

Why is funding needed?

The Mokelumne Fire Protection District is not funded by County or State resources. The District is funded through a small portion of local property taxes, miscellaneous fees, and a static special tax that has remained unchanged since 1987. This existing tax does not include a cost-of-living index adjustment mechanism. The costs of fire protection and emergency response services continue to rise yearly due to more emergency calls, and increased firefighter training requirements. In addition, the district is looking to open a second fire station to help improve response times throughout the District. The District’s current revenue sources are insufficient to continue providing the same service level.

o   This measure will give Improved Services for about $8.69 per month for most single-family homes                               

o   Improved emergency response times by adding a second fire station

o   Increased safety and security  

o   Watch for mail ballot in May-July  

Please see the Engineers Report 

Mokelumne Rural FPD ENGINEER REPORT.pdf
The image is an informational flyer for the Mokelumne Fire Protection District discussing a proposed local fire protection and emergency medical services assessment with rates and purposes.
May contain: advertisement, poster, adult, male, man, and person
A map showing the service area of Mokelumne Fire District with a fire truck and an emblem.


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